Therapy Companions

Empowering patients to manage their treatment effectively.

Our modular platform enables partners the ability to customize a therapy companion and tailor it to meet the needs of any patient population or treatment.

Powered by AI: 
Ask any question about your medication.

Simply ask any question about your medication, and get instant, accurate answers to help guide your treatment journey.

Take your medication
the right way.

Master your medication routine with smart, simple guidance and insights. Ensure you take your medication the right way for the best health outcome.

Better understand your symptoms.

Understand disease and treatment effects through symptom logging. Get insights into how your body is responding to treatment to inform decisions with your doctor.

“My psychiatrist asks me what I want to talk about, this helps me prioritize what to bring up.”

“Everything is gathered in one place. You track, get tips and tricks and get insights that you can take to the doctor.”

"Symptoms are subtle sometimes and it’s difficult to get the full picture. An app like this helps me get that."

Manage the psychological challenges of treatment.

It's not always easy to navigate the psychological hurdles associated with treatment. Get support in navigating daily thoughts and emotions with a CBT-based toolbox.

Behavior change for better mental and physical health.

Physical and emotional health go hand-in-hand. Use evidence-based short courses to create positive behavior change.

Explore our therapy
companion solutions.

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Manage your treatment with our companion app — Florens.

Florens allows patients to take control of their medication routines and make informed decisions about their health, alongside their healthcare practitioner.

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For Pharma

Customize our therapy companion app to support patients on any treatment.

We’d love to discuss how our companion app could be tailored to educate and support patients, while providing tangible business ROI.

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Leverage our technology for clinical and commercial success, across the medication life-cycle.

Therapy companions add clinical value and provide business ROI.

Maximize drug launch success.

Leverage the power of a therapy companion app to enhance the success of new drug launches. By providing patients with educational information, adherence tools, and personalized support, companions apps can improve patient outcomes and boost the overall acceptance and adoption of new medications coming to market amongst healthcare providers.

Support patients in clinical trials.

Therapy companion apps are transforming clinical trials by providing real-time patient data and improved medication adherence. Their ability to track and summarise insights and outcomes enhances the accuracy and efficiency of trials, leading to more reliable outcomes and streamlined research processes.

Empower patients to stay on treatment and reduce burden on healthcare professionals.

There is a large health and cost burden associated with poor adherence to pharmacological treatment. Provide support for patients with medication and symptom tracking, as well as tools to manage side-effects. Reduce the time needed by healthcare professionals to understand the patient's on-treatment experience.

Gather insights into the world of your patients.

Therapy companions provide a unique way to engage, educate, and communicate with patients. Understand patient journeys and run custom surveys among targeted patient populations to better understand attitudes and behaviors.

Find new patients eligible for treatment.

Disease companions provide patients or caregivers with a new way to determine treatment eligibility and access to new treatments. This can be particularly beneficial in rare disease and where access to treatment can be complicated.

Study recruitment support.

Finding and recruiting patients to clinical trials is a time consuming and expensive process. Therapy companions provide a new way to directly communicate with potentially eligible people.

Ensure compliance, adoption and user engagement.

Partner with Alex and leverage our ready-made modules, built to engage.

Customize our ready-made modules to the needs of your patients and their treatment.

Each patient population and treatment has unique characteristics, and often the unmet needs of patients differ. Our modules can be easily customized and combined into a custom-made app, with white-label options available.

Build secure software with MDR and FDA compliance.

Alex Therapeutics is ISO-27001 certified and our team is experienced in navigating medical device regulations and bringing regulated SaMD products to market, globally.

15x better engagement than your average healthcare app.

One of the biggest challenges for digital products is engagement. Our design and development team are specialists in gamification, with our app engagement far superior to other healthcare apps.

Access the latest product developments in AI.

Our in-house development team ensure that we are building compliantly on top of the latest technology leveraging generative AI, bring a vastly better user experience to the next generation of therapy companion apps.

Reach out to learn more about how we work with partners to bring innovative digital health solutions to market.

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