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A healthy & happy work place.

Average yearly cost per smoking employee
7 in 10 smokers want to quit.
Employee Health
Swedish State Railways (SJ) offers Alex to all employees.

Alex works with employers and health plans to save lives, increase productivity, and reduce your companies healthcare spend.

Get healthier and happier employees while saving on health care costs with Alex.
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The future of health care is preventive.

40% of all premature deaths result from poor behavioral patterns.
Leveraging Data Network Effects

The Alex platform uses state of the art machine learning technology to leverage the data network effect of our real life data. It enables us to personalize treatment and streamline behavioral change.

Our Core
Alex is a digital medicine that treats unhealthy habits.

Our mission is to stop the global health epidemic by supporting healthy habits. A wide range of medical conditions can be prevented by getting rid of unhealthy habits and create new healthy ones.

Health care
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