May 31, 2021

Alex Therapeutics partners with Pfizer Sweden in World No Tobacco Day campaign

Alex Therapeutics and the world leading pharmaceutical company Pfizer partner to combat the tobacco epidemic and help achieve a smoking-free society. Today, the 31st of May, is the World No Tobacco Day. Alex Therapeutics and Pfizer are seeking to draw attention to the continued global tobacco problem and as well as their collaboration to combat it. 

Alex Therapeutics partners with Pfizer Sweden in World No Tobacco Day campaign

For the past several years, Alex Therapeutics has been collaborating with the world-leading pharmaceutical company Pfizer, to help people become free from smoking and nicotine addiction. Last week, ahead of World No Tobacco Day, Pfizer Sweden published an interview with our CEO, John Drakenberg Renander, discussing the importance of lung health for human well-being.

World No Tobacco Day 2021

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Covid-19 pandemic has caused millions of tobacco users to attempt to quit smoking. With nearly 60% of global tobacco users expressing a wish to quit but only 30% of the global population having access to quality tobacco cessation services, the WHO launched a global campaign under the slogan “Commit to Quit” to draw attention to the 2021 World No Tobacco Day.

Alex AI - Quit Smoking

One method that has a high success rate is the Alex AI - Quit Smoking program, which provides the patient with personalized CBT support. The patient interacts with Alex, the digital AI coach who provides support both in becoming smoke-free and afterwards in avoiding relapse - which is a major challenge. The treatment is primarily based on cognitive behavioral therapy, CBT but also utilizes elements of ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), Behavioral Economics and Motivational Interviewing.

By using evidence-based methods, Alex delivers high-quality care to people who might otherwise be unable to access support. Alex helps the patient identify their underlying triggers, understand what causes them to smoke and what the short-term and long-term effects are. The treatment has a success rate of 56%, which can be compared to 7% for regular nicotine replacement therapies. Alex can be used by anyone who has a smartphone and currently has around 30,000 registered users in Sweden and 100,000 globally.

We have a dream of helping a billion people around the world. The more users we get, the smarter the service will be, so we have room to grow and help more people.

– John Drakenberg Renander, CEO of Alex Therapeutics

Pfizer Sweden and Alex Therapeutics

Alex Therapeutics is incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to partner with Pfizer, one of the worlds foremost pharmaceutical companies. Combing the technical expertise and entrepreneurial mindset at Alex with Pfizer's network and decades of experience has helped create an invaluable partnership that is helping significantly increase human health through reduced tobacco usage.

To read the full interview with John Drankenberg Renander published by Pfizer, please go to the link here (article in Swedish).

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