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Engaging digital interventions clinically proven to improve health outcomes.

Digital health products that improve health outcomes and patient quality of life.

Significantly reduces levels of anxiety for patients with chronic disease.

Almee is a digital intervention to treat anxiety in patients with the rare, chronic lung disease, pulmonary fibrosis. In an RCT it was shown to provide clinically and statistically significant reductions in anxiety.

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"I’m really liking how mindful you are of people’s feelings and thoughts, and what that looks like putting it into an app."

"I think it hits the head on the nail to have a AI as your buddy, rather than having only family and caregiver — take the burden out of them it's a really good idea."

“When you have anxiety, you’re short of breath and feel like you’re gonna die… I haven’t had those issues in a while now.”

Pfizer partnership

A digital intervention for treating nicotine addiction

In partnership with Pfizer, Alex Therapeutics has designed, built and clinically tested a digital smoking cessation program, with pivotal trial results due to be published in 2024.

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Digital OCD intervention with clincially proven symptom reduction

In collaboration with a leading medical university research group, Alex Therapeutics has designed a digital OCD intervention with randomized controlled trials showing it significantly reduces OCD symptoms and is non-inferior to in-person therapy.

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Improve patient outcomes with evidence-based solutions.

We're a pioneer in the field of digital therapeutics, having built and launched multiple digital interventions since 2018.

Customize our ready-made modules to the needs of your patients and their treatment.

Each patient population and treatment has unique characteristics, and often the unmet needs of patients differ. Our modules can be easily customized and combined into a custom-made app, with white-label options available.

Build secure software with MDR and FDA compliance.

Alex Therapeutics is ISO-27001 certified and our team is experienced in navigating medical device regulations and bringing regulated SaMD products to market, globally.

15x better engagement than your average healthcare app.

One of the biggest challenges for digital products is engagement - our design and development team are specialists in gamification, with our app engagement far superior to competition.

Access the latest product developments in AI.

Our in-house development team ensure that we are building compliantly on top of the latest technology leveraging generative AI, bring a better user experience to the next generation of therapy companions.

Reach out to learn more about how we work with partners to bring innovative digital health solutions to market.

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