Alex DTx Platform

The smarter way to launch Digital Therapeutics.

The platform provides the operating system enabling the quick and effective development of DTx products. Our expertise in agile development, design and implementation ensures a reduced time-to-market and enables the frictionless global deployment of a safe and effective DTx.

Platform Cornerstones
01. AI-engine

Personalization through machine learning.

We utilize our network consisting of millions of data points to personalize and optimize our treatments. Learnings and insights gained from pre-existing treatments can be transfered to improve efficacy in future treatments targeting other indications.

02. CBT Modules

Imitating the psychologist intuition.

We utilize CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), the most well-established and evidence-based form of psychotherapy, and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), to create treatments for a wide range of psychiatric and somatic disorders. Patients are supported through exercises, development of coping skills and educational content.

03. Design System

Intuitive and functional user experience & design.

A complete design system with customizable CBT modules shortens time to market. The design system is validated with tens of thousands of patients, ensuring a user-friendly experience that increases treatment retention and adherence.

04. Regulatory Framework

CE and FDA compliance built in from the start.

We integrate agile development methods with rigorous regulatory, quality management and data protection compliance to ensure that all of our products maintain the highest degreee of safety and efficacy.

Working with Alex

We provide the technological know-how and experience, you bring the clinical and commercial expertise.

Our platform provides the foundation that enables an accelerated development process allowing for novel DTx products to be quickly brought to new markets.

The path to launching DTx


Product Development

Collaborative identification of real-world pain points and unmet patient needs. Development of novel DTx Product built upon the Alex Therapeutics Platform.


Regulatory Approval

Regulatory review and approval of DTx documentation by Notified Body (EU), FDA (US) or other regulatory agency.


Clinical Evaluation

Clinical validation of DTx products is a significantly faster and easier process than traditional medicines due to their digital nature and rapid periods of effect.



DTx products allow for innovative marketing & sales processes to be more easily utilized, as well as more rapid and cost-effective distrubution strategies.

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Built on the Alex DTx Platform

Empowering patients globally

With a patient-centric mentality, we are driven by our goal of delivering targeted personalized care. Our novel DTx treatments are developed in collaboration with patient groups and deliver targeted, personalized care to patients with overlooked symptoms.

Use the Alex DTx Platform to launch novel digital treatments

We partner with pharma, insurance and healthcare companies in developing and launching novel DTx treatments.

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